Spanish breeder, Francisco Lazo Diaz, not only bred National Champion PRE Andalusians with spectacular athletic ability and great working temperaments, but he was also famous for his bay and black Andalusians. Some of these horses displayed distinct primitive markings on dark grulla type coat.

Favorito de la Parra/XLVIII is one of the Paco Lazo bred Andalusians displaying thisunique coat color. His primitive markings are most easily seen when he is in his summer coat. They include, facial masking, shoulder shading, dorsal stripe, rib stripping and leg bars. Favorito also has white guard hairs in his mane and tail along with “mouse grey” color hair inside his ears.

DNA analysis of Favorito’s hair by Animal Genetics, Inc. has revealed thathe is actuallygenetically homozygous black, without a bay agouti (EEaa). As he is obviously not “black”, we had his further tested. DNA tests run by the University of California, Davis and Animal Genetics, Inc. revealed that Favorito did not carrythe crème dilution, or pearl or silver gene sequence to explain his unique coat color. A test for the champagne gene hasbeen requested, although he does not have any pink skin.

The University of California, Davis has developed a marker test for the dun gene. At this time, however, the test is only being conducted on AQHA’s and stock type horses. Iberian horses Andalusians, Lusitanos, PREs, are not eligible for this test. UC Davis anticipates developing a test for the dun marker for these breeds in the future. Favorito de la Parra/XLVIII’s hair has been offered for this test when developed.

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