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Avalon Farms is committed to a successful breeding for yourmare.  All foals may also be registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association as either purebreds or as half Andalusians.  Please contact us for further information regarding breedings and to receive a copy of the contract for the stallion of your choice. We encourage crosses with non-Andalusian mares.

Now that you have decided to breed your mare there are some things you need to be aware of and some preparations to make. First, contact your veterinarian and determine if they are comfortable and experienced enough with artificial insemination. If they just do not seem experienced enough, ask if they will recommend someone who specializes in this procedure. You must also make sure your mare is ready and ingood health herself. She should be in good weight and have a thorough health checkup. A uterine culture and rectal palpation should be a part of this examination. All of her vaccinations should also be current. Mares that have had difficultly in previous breeding attempts require special attention, possibly even a uterine biopsy depending on what your veterinarian recommends.

Next you will have to determine her cycle so you will know when she in heat and ready to breed. Testing with a gelding or another stallion and checking her response in one method. A second method is to have your veterinarian give her an injection of prostaglandin. Most mares will then come into heat two to four days after the injection. A third method is to use Regumate and program her cycle. You start by giving the mareRegumate once a day for fifteen days and then a shot of prostaglandin on the fifteenth day. This usually means they will be in heat on the nineteenth day and be ready to breed on the twenty-first day.

Foal heat breeding is more risky and requires the recent delivery was normal with the placenta to have been passed in a timely manner (60 minutes) and no unusual discharge to have occurred. Mares should be examined on the seventh day after foaling for signs of infection and bruising with breeding on the ninth day. If there is bruising or infection present, we strongly recommend waiting to the next cycle.

Once your mare is in heat, your veterinarian will have to monitor the follicle size to determine when to order the semen. With most mares a 30-35mm follicle is ideal. Avalon farms requires 24 hours notice for semen collection, so careful planning is a must. In most cases the veterinarian will follow the insemination with a shot of HCG to induce ovulation .It is important the mare ovulate within 18 hours of being inseminated, so the veterinarian needs to check for this. Once she has ovulated, mark the date and schedule a pregnancy check within 16 to 21 days later. Be sure to return the semen container to Avalon Farms within 48 hours (after insemination) via air freight, such as Federal Express.

The shipment method to you is the mare owner’s choice and is partially dependent on geography and logistics. There are several different choices for shipment, including picking up the container yourself at Avalon Farms. Shipments are made on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with weekend shipments requiring prior notice. Other choices include next day air (Federal Express, etc), or using Northwest Air Freight for same day delivery to a nearby airport (where available). Please contact Avalon Farms for assistance in determining the most expedient and cost effective method of shipment. Remember that semen degrades over time so the quickest delivery method is the best.



For both Avalon Farms and Riveras Andalusian Farms:  Discounts on breeding fees for multiple mares for booking before 4/16/09 and for proven mares.

Iberian Purebred / All Others
Certero 3/V (Homozygous Black, EEaa) (16.1h) $1100 / $850

Favorito KG (Black Bay) (16.3h) $1050 / $850
(Hablamos español)

AVALON FARMS STALLIONS: Iberian Purebred / All Others

Favorito de la Parra/XLVIII
(EEaa – homozygous for the black gene, color unique)
   *Discounted one season contracts available

$1000 / $800

Arturo KG  (Heterozygous Grey) (16.2h) $950 / $800

Majo KG (Grey) (16.0 h)  $900 / $750

Please contact us directly for copies of our breeding contract.


  • All Stallions are registered with the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association and all foals may be registered as Purebred or Half Andalusian depending on the mare.
  • Favorito AP, and Favorito KG are Cria Approved.
  • First collection cost and booking fee ($200) is included in above stallion fee. If subsequent collections are required, then they will be billed seperately.
  • A refundable deposit of $270 for the shipping container is not included in the stallion fee.
  • 24 hour advanced notice is required in order to allow Avalon Farms to notify our veterinary facility to schedule sufficient time.
  • All costs are F.O.B. Milford, Michigan. Client pays shipping costs. We use Federal Express next day whenever possible. Due to tightened Federal regulations for security, same day shipping will only be provided for cities serviced by Northwest/Delta Airlines. Equitainers will only be shipped on non-stop flights. Same day shipments incur an airport delivery fee.